Dear Swim Team athletes and families,

Sign up forms for swim team, lessons and water aerobics will be available at the front desk, and are available on Surf Clubs website.

Free water aerobics classes are available with swim team sign up; just ask for details.

If you are not on the swim team email list, let the front desk know and they will put you on.

If you are interested in swim lessons, email me directly at Swim lessons will begin July 9th.

Girls and boys swimsuits are available at the Surf Club office.
Girls: $42.75 +tax
Boys: $32.32+ tax

Below are all the important dates that are also posted on the Surf Club website calendar

First Week:
6/25 time trials 1-2pm
6/27 time trials 1-2pm
6/29 no practice
7/2 practice 1pm and parent meeting at 12:30 in the rec room
7/4 no practice (Happy 4th)

Starting 7/2 Practice Times are as follows:
5/6 year olds : 1-1:15
7/8 year olds : 1:15-1:45
9/10 year olds : 1:30-2
11&up : 2-2:25

Meet Schedule :

7 / ​5​ home vs. Yacht Squadron 
7 / 12​ home vs swordfish
7 /
19​ away vs LaRonde
7 / 2​6​ away vs Yacht Squadron
8/​2​ away vs swordfish
​8/8 Time Trials​ 1

8/9​ home vs LaRonde (time trials 2​)

8/1​0​ time trials 3​

​​8/1​3 time trials 4
8/15​ Invitational practice
​6​ Invitational 5pm