Proprietary Members

Those members who own a capital certificate in the Club, i.e., the owners of the Club.

The following are Proprietary Members:

Athenosy, Barbara J. and Douglas J., and Clifford W. and Colleen McKennett

Cardo, Randy J., Beverly B. and Kristin P

Carter, Peter M., Margaret R. Andrew E., and Christian T., and Mary Carter Hamill

Cervon, Kathleen F., and Adele D., Barbara J., Dorothy E. and Paul C. Flannery

Cooley, Arthur P. and David B.

Deckoff Langworthy Hilary, and Jane, Marvin, John, and Anthony Deckoff

Fucigna, Robert J., M.D. and Jane F., and Brian W., and Jane Ellen Logler

Gaffney, Bonnie, and Michelle and Alan B. Munro

Glen, Tanya, and Adrienne, James and Adam Pileski

Kramer, Allen and Thomas Bennetter

Law, Anne H.

Lewis, Clarke, Ann, Kate, Julia and Clarke

Mansfield, Megan and Joseph F., and Robin O’Connell, Kristin Dunn, Kelly Brown & Joseph F. Mansfield Jr.

McChesney, Richard P, Patricia M., and James M., and Carrie M. Ryan

Miskel, James F. Jr. and Michael E.

Motz, George II, George M, Kittric, Timothy and Ted, and Jennifer Going and Marybeth Gonzalez

Scully, Edward J.

Verrochi, Patricia D., Mary D. Stanton, Suzanne D. Cincotta, Edward S. Davis, III, Robert B. Davis Jr., and John M. Davis

Walsh, Owen Francis and Maureen D., and Michaela Walsh Shelley

Young, Roberta O., Owen and Amanda